5 Tips for a Single Dad to Find Love Again With Such a Busy Schedule?

How can single dads find love again with such a busy schedule? Will a woman ever accept how much attention we give our kids? What are good dating tips for single dads?


1/8/20235 min read

How Can a Single Dad Find Love Again With Such a Busy Schedule?

How can single dads find love again?
How can single dads find love again?

I have been asking myself, "How can single dads find love again with such a busy schedule?" since the moment I received full custody of all four of my kids.

I would love nothing more than to tell you that I am writing this post because I have discovered the secret to attracting the perfect soul mate and stepmom to your kids directly to your front door.

Heck, I wish I could at least give you some sort of "How to attract the girl of your dreams" life hack, or for some of you, advice on "How to notice and avoid red flags." Those are for another time.

The truth is. When God is ready, and only then, He will introduce the girl of your dreams to you.

Another huge task at hand is the fact that co-parenting with the ex is crucial for any man to figure out. This becomes even more important when a single dad is looking for love and hoping to date.

Our ex is, in most cases, going to be in our lives whether we like it or not. The less drama that we can introduce our new girlfriend to the better.

Remember, any lady that sees kids as baggage is not the right girl for you, but nobody has to put up with your psycho ex. That, my friend, is baggage nobody needs.

5 Tips for Single Dads That Are Ready to Date

As I did my research to find the most valuable tips for dating as a single dad, they all pretty much had the same first rule. Take things slowly.

While this is a good idea, and even one of my tips for dating as a single dad, it does not count for everyone.

I heard of a man that was 92 years old and found the woman of his dreams. They were married after only 3 months because of his age.

To each his own. The only thing that matters at this point is that Love is in control of our relationship and not Lust. Especially if we decide to go the dedicated Christian single dad route and hold off from having sex until marriage.

In this case, we need to control our physical urges and focus on love and support. These five tips for single das that are ready to date can help you keep your relationship, heart, and mind all in sync.

Single Dad Dating - Tip #1

Take complete responsibility for your past break-up. Wait...WHAT?!?! Yup, that's right. We all know how hard we tried to make our past marriage work.

We may not be at fault in any way for our divorce. When we talk down on our ex and point fingers, it makes us seem immature.

We can only grow as men and partners when we can pull ourselves out of the situation and allow ourselves to accept the role we played in the relationship and break up.

No matter how much was HER FAULT, we must dig deep to discover our shortcomings and work even harder to fix them.

The ultimate goal of rule #1 is to be able to spot our red flags before they scare off the girl of our dreams.

Single Dad Dating - Tip #2

My second tip for Single dads ready to date again is to get to know your kids before you start a brand new relationship with a complete stranger.

Why do Single dads want to find a new girlfriend? I mean, aren't we supposed to be looking for a companion because we are lonely?

Most of us are searching for a person that shares our common interests, a person that we can nurture, and a person that makes us feel loved in return.

After spending a couple of years without anyone in my life except for my kids, I realized that caring for them gave me the ultimate feeling of accomplishment. And the amount of love that I received in return was more than anyone else could ever give.

I was also a little surprised to find that they shared almost all of my interests. In almost three years we have never run out of interesting conversations.

Single Dad Dating - Tip #3

Single Dads need to be honest and communicate with their children. Our kids should always be involved in any choices that are going to affect the entire family

As single dads, it is important that our kids trust us and even more crucial that we are comfortable enough to be open with them.

Tip #1 helps us to better ourselves while Tip #2 helps us to have a stronger bond and a more open relationship with our kids. The first two tips are to help us prepare for tip #3: Being honest with our kids about starting a new relationship.

Single Dad Dating - Tip #4

The most crucial aspect of dating as a single dad is to take things slow. We cannot bring home every girl we have a fling with.

We should spend some time getting to know the girl to the point where we truly feel like she could be "the one." It can even make the relationship stronger if the kids like her as much as you do.

That is also the issue with bringing home every single girl we date. Our kids can end up influencing our decision based on how "cool" the girlfriend is.

It can work in the opposite way as well. We could lose out on the woman of our dreams by bringing her into a house full of children before giving her a chance to really get to know us first.

It's not rude of a woman to not want a relationship with a man with children. They have the right to feel overwhelmed at the fact that being with us makes them a mom.

Not all people are prepared for that.

Single Dad Dating - Tip #5

The last tip for single dads ready to date again is to remember to take it easy on the ex. I mean this in two ways.

  • When we talk about our children's mothers we need to be respectful and kind.

  • Try not to bring up your ex in every subject, especially on your first date. It is probably best to wait until the new woman asks about her.

In my case, I spent over twenty years with my wife. I have honestly not done many things in life without her around, so I understand the frustration behind this one. I mean, I am just telling stories about the past, and "BOOM," I bring up the ex-wife.

We are all works in progress and with God in charge and all of us watching each other's backs as Christian single dads, we will be alright.

Single Dads ready to date again
Single Dads ready to date again
can single dads ever date again
can single dads ever date again