A Brand New Christian Single Dad Doesn't Care What The Bible Says

A brand new Christian single dad is going to get a lot of questions from the kids. We are here to help make Christianity easy to understand for all ages.


Aaron Nolan

12/23/20223 min read

A Brand New Christian Single Dad Doesn't Care What the Bible Says

brand new Christian single dad
brand new Christian single dad

As a brand new Christian single dad, the last thing we want to hear is "what The Bible has to say."

For example, Who is Jesus? "The Bible says..."


"Why is life so hard if there is a God that loves us?"

"Well, The Bible tells us....."


If we haven't cared what the bible has to say for this long, we aren't going to understand its meaning the very moment we accept Jesus into our lives. It's not going to happen overnight.

What Does It Mean to "Accept Jesus Into Your Life" as a Christian Single Dad?

I keep watching Christian movies, shows, and documentaries about Jesus Christ and the Bible seeking the answer to "Who Is Jesus," but all I get are more Bible quotes.

I feel like I understand God.

He created the universe and made Adam and Eve. I even get that he flooded the Earth and let only a few trusted Christians survive. Most of us know the story of Noah and the ark.

I understand that he helped Moses free his people from slavery by parting the red sea and then wrote down a list of rules for us to follow called commandments.

What I do not understand is JESUS. Who is JESUS CHRIST and how does he fit into the story?

I guess I didn't realize that The original Bible, like the Bible before Jesus, was just about God creating the heavens and the Earth and every living thing, and then making up a bunch of rules for us to follow.

Does a Christian Single Dad Need Jesus If He Has God In His Life?

The original Holy Book was called The Torah. It's literally the first five books of the bible.

In this book are over 600 rules for us to follow to make it into heaven. If any of these rules were broken, we would have to sacrifice a living creature, in most cases, to make amends with God.

If this were still the case, most species of animal, if not all, would probably be extinct by now.

The original Bible also has a lot of predictions written about how God would eventually come down to earth in human form. This guy would be known as "The Messiah"

It says that God would send a Son, His only child ever, to Earth one day in the not-so-distant future.

This "Son of God" would be used as the ultimate sacrifice so we wouldn't have to kill a bunch of animals and perform all sorts of rituals every time we make a mistake.

The death of this "messiah" would cover all the sins we have and will ever make. As long as we remember and believe that Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice each time we do wrong and pray for him to help us change our ways.

It can Take Time for a New Christian Single Dad to Trust Jesus

Imagine some dirty gang of about a dozen guys walks up to you and claims that their leader is God's son and that they are his disciples.

This guy would be called "the messiah." He would be considered the King of all other Kings and would basically be the son of God.

It would take a ton of faith to believe any guy that claimed to be "the messiah."

There are many men throughout history that claim to have talked to God on almost a physical level. These men are called prophets. A prophet is not the same as "the messiah."

It would take a lot of courage for a man to claim to be God's son. Many people would think he is crazy and some would even want to see him die for making up such a story.

This is where Jesus makes his appearance. So many people thought he was crazy so his followers decided to write everything that he did so that the world could judge for themselves.

The stories about Jesus and our new rules to follow as humans can now be found in The New Testament.

Spoiler Alert... all we have to do is LOVE.