Can an Addict in Recovery be a Successful Single Dad?

Millions of single dads struggle with addiction. How can we be good single dads if we used to be junkies? Discover if an addict in recovery can be a successful single dad.


1/4/20234 min read

Sometimes I ask myself, "Can an addict in recovery be a successful single dad?"

An addict can do anything as long as they keep recovery a priority.

Many ex-junkie single dads, like myself, oftentimes have an easier time talking about drugs to our kids, however, we are far more aware of the reality of our children using hard drugs at some point.

And the thought definitely keeps us up at night.

One of the hardest things about living life on "the dark side," is all of the unforgivable acts we committed in order to get what we want.

The lying, the cheating, the stealing. None of us has an easy time admitting the things we've done and we have an even harder time forgiving ourselves.

That is the beauty of Jesus Christ. He doesn't just forgive you... he literally forgets it all and puts it in the past where it belongs.

The greatest comfort that I get out of the Christian Single Dad Group, The Cross Eyed Christian Fellowship, is that I can openly share my failures and shortcomings as a father without judgment.

I get a lot of joy out of other single dad groups but with my sobriety on the line, I tend to find the most comradery in the Christian single dad group.

It may seem silly, but little things like people telling me that my daughter should be wearing a helmet when I show them a cute video of her skateboarding really grinds my gears. I mean, what adult man doesn't already know that? And what grown man wouldn't take offense to someone judging their parenting choices?

A Single dad support group for addicts should take extra care to not point fingers in any way. The Cross Eyed Christian Fellowship is the perfect Parenting support group for single fathers in recovery.

Methadone Single Dad. Does Methadone Count as a Sober Single Parent?

single dad in recovery
single dad in recovery

If you are a single dad and your kids are relying on you to get sober, methadone can save your life. It can also give your kids a chance at a future. With a dad off of drugs, anything is possible.

"What happens in the dark, always comes to light.

I will never forget the phone call I received from CPS.

Weeks prior to the phone call I found out my wife had been using meth so started the battle of getting sole custody. Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of what mattered and I started using Fentanyl. The call from CPS was to let me know they were on to me and they asked me to pee in a bottle.

My game was over. I was about to lose my kids to the state of Arizona.

I dropped to my knees and I confessed my sins to two people right there and then. My Lord Jesus Christ and...

the methadone clinic.

Recovery is possible while Being a Single Dad

Can an Addict in Recovery be a Successful Single Dad?

single dad in recovery
single dad in recovery
recovery is possible for single dads
recovery is possible for single dads

If I can get off of Fentanyl then anyone can. I hear that a lot but as an addict, I now understand what it means.

Everyone feels so weak when it comes to their drug of choice. We feel helpless.

It is so easy to judge others for the stupid things they do but when it happens to us, well, the shame is enough to drive a person to suicide.

Imagine... If we were stuck at home with cancer and had no chance at life. We tried some miracle therapy in secret and it worked. We are cured and healthy.

Let's say that when we were sick we met a support group of other people sick just like us.

These people were desperate and filled with sorrow because of the sickness. The same sickness that you just found a cure for.

Only you can lead these people to safety now.

What do you do?

Our job as Christians is to spread the Gospel. Our one commandment from Jesus himself was to Love as He loved us.

God made us in His image. The love that a father feels for his children is a direct reflection of God's love for us.

God doesn't have wrath. He just makes us a path. Once we are working towards His plans, he can truly use us for our original purpose.

Whatever that may be.

I know it is scary. I understand that people may reject you and even laugh at you. With Jesus Christ at the wheel, you have nothing to worry about.

As a Christian single father, our lives start to make sense. We find joy in everyday life and look forward to what tomorrow brings.

With God, anything is possible. With you around to share His Word, so many more people can live a joy-filled life.