Start a Blogging Business as a Busy Single Dad in 3 Steps

Learn how to start a blogging business as a busy single dad in 3 easy steps. Any single father can become a full-time freelance writer.


1/7/20235 min read

3 Easy Steps to Start a Blogging Business as a Busy Single Dad

start a blogging business as a busy single dad
start a blogging business as a busy single dad

Starting a blogging business as a busy single dad can be done in three easy steps. Picking a niche, writing a few 500-word samples, and then pitching to companies you love.

My name is Aaron Nolan. I am a professional freelance writer, blogger, and copywriter. More importantly, I am a Christian single dad that has let God take the wheel and watched nothing but miracles occur in my life.

I went from working construction in the Arizona heat as a twenty-year electrician to becoming the CEO of a handyman corporation and a Copywriting Agency. I just can't express the importance enough of relying on a higher power.

With that out of the way. Let's get to work on starting your freelance writing journey as a single dad.

Step One of Starting a Single Dad Blogging Business: Pick Your Niche

You may or may not know what a niche is. Well, I am here to explain. There are tons of different business types and magazines and blogs...etc. all about very specific topics.

Some websites might even fall into a sub-niche.

The Cross-Eyed Christian Fellowship can almost count as a "sub" sub-niche. Father is a niche. Single Fathers are even more specific. And another sub-niche would be "Christian" Single dads.

The following list is all perfect niche options to start a blogging business as a single dad.


Many Christian publications need writers that love Jesus and have a passion for spreading the good word.


There are thousands of mommy and daddy blogs that need writers passionate about raising children. As a single dad, this is the niche that started my copywriting career.


There are so many car and truck blogs. From custom drifters to classic muscle, there is no shortage of automotive content. But there just might be a shortage of writers.


Every doctor, dentist, chiropractor, etc. has a website. They rely on their blog to keep them on top of Google. The medical field is always in need of a great freelance writer.

Alternative Medicine

Hash, Weed, Marijuana, herbs, sinsemilla, doobies, blunts, and bongs. I forgot what we were talking about. Oh yeah, they need writers too.


There are a ton of opportunities for animal-loving writers in the pet and animal niche. From cat food to dog poop, the options are endless.


The home improvement niche is one of the largest growing niches to date. Everyone that buys a beautiful home has to completely destroy it and rebuild it again. Where there is money being made there is also a demand for content writers.

Camping and Outdoors

Sleeping under the stars has always been a great family retreat. Camping is a perfect escape from real life. If you are an outdoors and camping writer, bring your laptop along and blog by the fire.

Step Two of Starting a Blogging Business as a Busy Single Dad: Create a Portfolio

When you tell people you are a writer, they will want to see some samples. If you don't have anything to show them, then you might want to take this time to prepare for that.

By simply writing three articles that are 500 words each and saving the link to them, you officially have a portfolio. The longer you stick with freelance writing as a busy single dad, the longer your portfolio will become.

Picking a niche can drive a single dad crazy. You may have a heavy automotive background but you absolutely love the outdoors and camping.

Let's say, for example, that you have an extensive background as a mechanic. You know every part of a motor and can tell what is wrong by listening to the engine run. Now, let's add that you are burnt out and can't stand cars or trucks anymore.

You don't have to commit to any one niche forever. If you truly want to start a copywriting business it is a good idea to utilize your existing knowledge.

If you are just looking to blog on the side, then by all means be picky. If you are ready to start a full-time copywriting agency you are going to need work.

Once you have decided on a niche to pursue, you can log into Google Docs or Microsoft Word (whichever you prefer.)

Write a catchy title and then all you need is a few paragraphs to complete an article.

Check out our article on writing the perfect blog post for single dad blogs for more details on the best ways to construct your articles.

Step Three of Starting a Blogging Business as a Busy Single Dad: Pitching

how to start a single dad blogging business
how to start a single dad blogging business

Why Should I Start a Blogging Business as a Busy Single Dad?

There are three major benefits of starting a blogging business as a busy single dad. I have personally found that blogging helped me become a better Christian and a more patient father. My single dad blogs bring joy into my world that had been lost to me since childhood.

How? Mainly because it requires me to think. Not just on parenting and self-help issues, but fun subjects like comic books and home improvement. You see, your bog is ALL YOURS. This is why finding a niche is so important. You are able to study and write about subjects that you enjoy without feeling like you are wasting time.

As a grown man, comic books have slowly faded away into a childhood passion. My love for superheroes was an immature obsession that I had to let go of. Unless I start a comic book blog! Then I get to write about what I love every single day!

Starting a bluffing business a busy single dad doesn't have to start out as a business. Mine didn't.

I wanted to write. I love to write. I use my blog as a journal in a sense. When other people love to read your blog, then you can put advertisements on it to make some extra cash. You can help promote other products on your blog. This is known as affiliate marketing and can be very lucrative.

Another way to earn a living with your single dad blog is to coach other folks in some way. If you have made it through a difficult situation, found a secret to financial freedom, or even discovered a way to live a joyous life, then it is your job to help others find the same relief.

Coaching is a billion-dollar industry. If you have something to teach, then you can have a piece of that billion dollars.

As a man that has chosen his children over everything else in life, as a man that goes through the motions every day, no matter what, so his kids have food and shelter, as a man that plays both mom and dad roles and cherishes only his kids love, YOU HAVE EARNED IT AND YOU DESERVE IT, DAD.

The third, and final step of starting a blogging business as a busy single dad is to finally put your portfolio to good use by pitching.

I don't mean Pitching your work into the trash. I am talking about pitching your business idea to the websites and brands that match your area of interest, or niche.

If you decide to go with alternative medicine then the best option at this point would be to do a Google search for all the dispensaries near you and check if they have a consistent blog.

Many companies have a blog on their site and the owner will add an article here and there when they have time. These articles freshen up the site and keep them at the top of Google Search.

If you were to present them with a package deal of four articles per month, they may actually be relieved that they don't have to stress their blog anymore. Just make sure you have a portfolio or a few samples ready for them to show help off your writing skills.