God was a Single Father. What Does The Bible Say About Being a Single Dad?

The Bible gives us answers and advice for parenting but does it say anything specific about single dads? I mean, God was a single father.


Aaron Nolan

1/6/20232 min read

God is a Single Father. What Does the Bible Say About Being a Single Dad?

The Bible does not say anything at all geared toward single dads. Single Parents do not get some special chapter or a page, nor do they get a dedicated verse written in red letters about single parenting being the ultimate sacrifice.

Nope. I looked everywhere. There is a ton of stuff written about PARENTING, but to answer the question, "What does the bible say about single dads?"


This tells me one thing. With all of the advice and attention that The Bible has to offer parents. It is up to us not to burn ourselves out.

We quite literally have to play the role of Mom and Dad.

What do I mean by this?

We need to be tough and assertive yet patient and kind at all times. We have to be firm in our discipline but always show unconditional love.

Sometimes, It means that we have to work a side job for extra cash, change the oil in the car, install new brake pads, wash the dishes, clean the laundry (so much laundry!) and of course, take the kids to the park.

All after church on Sunday.

man facing clouds during golden time
man facing clouds during golden time

How Can The Bible Help a Single Dad Become a Better Parent?

what does the bible say about being a single dad
what does the bible say about being a single dad

The Bible may not say anything about being a single dad specifically, but anything and everything we need to know about being the best parent possible is in there.

Life comes with two things that we need desperately in order to live the life we are supposed to live.

The Bible and God.

God made us in His image. This is where we get the feelings of perfection and why we are so hard on ourselves. It's called The God Gene.

As we raise our children and watch them make mistakes, we can't always be there to correct them. Sometimes, we will even allow them to fall down in order for them to learn valuable lessons throughout life.

Remind yourself of the forgiveness you show your own kids when they mess up. We mustn't ever forget God's grace When our kids feel guilty about making a careless mistake and are afraid to get in trouble.

Now, I want you to think of how easy it is to forgive your child for misbehaving. Then, think about how quickly God forgets your wrongdoing and forgives you for your constant mistakes.

As Christian Single Dads, we can only live in peace once we can show ourselves the same type of judgment.

One trick that I learned is to picture someone I care about when I'm having "self-talk." When I am being hard on myself, it really helps to replace me with someone I really love.

We would never treat anyone we truly care about as harshly as we treat ourselves. It is a sad, yet very true statement.